The IMH Saga

The story and trail to Indie Music Highway began as an idea shared between three souls who had a vision and desire to add to the beautiful landscape of independent music.

These gentlemen saw the corruption, greed, and favoritism so vastly apparent within the mainstream music industry and felt the need bring more to the proverbial table for independent musicians, song writers, and visionaries who would otherwise go unnoticed and unrecognized for their wonderful talents and works of art.

The path is long, the story longer, but the dream toiled to survive. Two souls remained and the path turned into a road. After much dedication, many sleepless nights, and investment beyond belief for most who cannot understand the heart of a musician, the road turned into a highway.

This is that highway. A highway clean of political polution, corporate greed, and the fanatic, foolish decisions of those who would seek personal gain at the expense of the beautiful minds of artists. A highway maintained and kept by those who love it.

Welcome to the Indie Music Highway. Our dream, Your highway.